Landscape Drainage

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Dealing with a flood in your yard due to a damaged drainage system can be very stressful.

Therefore, you need to find a trustworthy company, like Mathews Sprinkler Systems, to provide landscape drainage solutions for your home improvement project.

Professional Landscape Drainage Services

Standing water left by yard drainage issues can significantly damage a house’s foundation, cause root rot, and roll out the welcome mat for mosquitos and other bugs.

A professional can install a drainage system perfect for your property to ensure that your landscape does not flood from rain or your sump pump.

Services a professional landscape drainage company offers include:

Landscape surveying

A professional will take a close look at your landscape to evaluate the soil you use, the plants you are growing, the position of your sprinklers, and your watering needs.

Deciding on the appropriate drainage system

With multiple drainage systems available to purchase, it is essential to have a professional review of your property’s needs before installation. This will ensure that your drainage system moves water away from your home.

Economic assessment

By hiring a professional to install or update your drainage system, you get the most cost-effective system for your property. This includes designing the right system for your land by taking your property’s slopes, hills, shrubbery, and flowers into account.

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What Is a French Drain?

Besides channel drains, one of the most common drainage systems is a French drain. French drains are perfect for residential properties because they divert flooding water to the appropriate drain area.

The French drain design is a trench system filled with debris such as rocks, gravel, and perforated piping.

The benefits of installing a French drain include:


Cost-effective state-of-the-art water draining


Custom designs are available to fit your landscape’s needs


Groundwater pressure reduction


Protection of your landscape and building foundations from water buildup


Easily concealment of the drainage system throughout your property

The Benefits of Hiring Mathews Sprinkler Systems for Landscape Draining

Mathews Sprinkler Systems in Burleson, TX, offers high-quality landscape drainage services ranging from initial landscape survey and drainage system installation to drainage repair. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in identifying drainage problem areas and addressing those issues quickly, efficiently, and affordable.

We offer a three-year warranty on new parts and labor and a one-year warranty on drainage parts and labor, guaranteeing that we will do that work correctly the first time.

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