Sprinkler System Installation

New sprinklers can help your home achieve a beautiful head-turning lawn.

Relying on rain alone for your water source to grow your lawn is not enough. Neither is overwatering your property, which causes damaging puddles throughout your yard. Mathews Sprinkler Systems can help you feed your grass the right way.

Watering your lawn should not be stressful.

Our easy sprinkler system installation can make your troubles disappear. Our team has decades of experience in sprinkler repair, add-ons, and drainage.

Mathews Sprinkler Systems offers services to homes in Burleson, Burleson, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Call today to learn more about why your neighbors in Texas choose us when installing a sprinkler.

Sprinkler System Installation and Repair

We tailor our efforts to your unique situation and recommend the best tools for your irrigation system. For example, we offer sprinkler systems that can connect to your home Wi-Fi for easy control from your phone. The sprinkler system installation process is simple and easy for your convenience.

Faulty sprinkler systems can cause unwanted headaches and even damage to lawns. Our team takes pride in having experience in working with all sprinkler system brands. So no matter the problem, a broken controller, or a pop-up sprinkler failure, Mathews Sprinkler Systems can help.

We proudly work with Hunter brand, a trusted sprinkler brand with the following benefits:

More durable and higher quality than most brands.

Provides exceptional water pressure.

Can perform during extreme weather conditions.

Easy installation and service.

Licensed Professionals

with experience and knowledge


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Premium Equipment

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Sprinkler System Add-On or Revisions

In addition to offering sprinkler system installation services, our team can expand or revise your existing sprinkler system. For example, suppose you believe your sprinkler system is not performing as efficiently as possible. In that case, our experts can help you determine the best options for your situation.

Some add-ons can be as simple as adding a smart controller compatible with your irrigation system. Controllers give homeowners the power to better control their watering needs. In addition, these controllers protect your water source by helping you save water.

We proudly recommend Rachio Smart Controllers for Texas sprinkler systems because of the numerous convenient features, including:

Monitors water usage

Scheduling adapted to your lawn's needs

Makes automatic adjustments based on local weather and soil conditions

Saves thousands of gallons of water per year

Gives your remote access to your water control valve

French Drains and Drainage

Improper drainage can cause headaches for homeowners. Mathews Sprinkler Systems experts specialize in identifying drainage problem areas. After a sprinkler system installation, French drains can be a good idea to prevent overwatering.

French drains are lawn drainage systems that help prevent unwanted puddles of water around your lawn. In addition, French drains help avoid damage to the foundation of your yard. Our team can build a custom french drain system to redirect excess surface water from your lawn to prevent future damage.

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