Sprinkler System Repair

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Sprinkler systems play a crucial role in maintaining a beautiful lawn. However, damaged sprinkler systems cannot give your yard the care it deserves.

It is best to fix a broken sprinkler as soon as possible, especially if it results from a more significant issue.

Sometimes sprinkler system repair is needed for obvious reasons, such as a broken sprinkler. However, there are times when the problem is not so obvious, like issues with the underground sprinkler system lines. At Mathews Sprinkler Systems in Burleson, TX, our experienced experts can find and fix your sprinkler system problems stress-free.

Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler systems can malfunction after typical wear and tear. Sometimes it can be hard to determine if your sprinkler system needs professional repair.

Some of the problems associated with sprinkler systems can cause severe damage. For example, some issues can stem from a broken sprinkler line. As a result, water will continue to flow regardless of whether the irrigation system is off.

Sometimes the sprinkler system works fine, but the control valve is broken. A faulty control can cause some of the issues mentioned above. Our experts are experienced troubleshooters and are guaranteed to find the root of the problem.

Mathews Sprinkler Systems has over 30 years of sprinkler repair experience. We take pride in knowing how to help when you need it the most.

Here are a few indications that will help you decide whether it is time to call an expert:


Low water pressure


Irregular skipping of irrigation zones


Leaking around the control valve


The sprinkler system does not turn on

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Sprinkler System Maintenance

You can avoid the need for sprinkler system repair if you practice proper maintenance. Maintenance saves you money from possible costly repairs and ensures that your sprinkler system operates efficiently for many years. Regular maintenance is the best way to provide your lawn with a properly functioning sprinkler system.

When a Mathews Sprinker Systems technician arrives for sprinkler system maintenance, we will:


Winterize your sprinklers

This prevents frozen water from destroying your sprinkler system.


Check your water pressure

A change in water pressure could be an underlying symptom of something more serious, like a leak.


Clean your sprinkler heads

Debris can build up and cause a blockage over time.


Check for a broken sprinkler

Sometimes, external forces can create cracks in a sprinkler. It is best to find and repair the damage before it affects the performance of the sprinkler.


Change control timers

This ensures your control valve is working correctly. If possible, adjust the control’s additional features to ensure each segment works appropriately.

Our experts at Mathews Sprinkler Systems can help you maintain your sprinkler system and avoid the need for expensive sprinkler system repair. We can run a routine annual check-up to keep your sprinkler system performing as expected. In addition, our field experts specialize in finding and repairing broken and short wires, leaky valves, and sprinkler heads.

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