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Trusted Sprinkler Irrigation and Irrigation System Installers in Burleson TX.

Is your lawn looking brown and drab? Are your flowers wilting in the scorching Texas heat? A properly installed and maintained irrigation and sprinkler system is crucial to achieving the lush, green yard you want.

Welcome to Mathews Sprinkler Systems! We’re your expert sprinkler system service in the Burleson area, Texas. We offer everything from sprinkler installation and repair to landscape drainage and smart irrigation systems.

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Sprinkler System Installation in Burleson, Texas

Whether you need a new sprinkler controller system installed or your existing system repaired, we can help! Our experienced technicians ensure that your new system properly irrigates your yard and meets all local codes to ensure safety and efficiency.

Sprinkler System Revisions in Burleson, Texas

We are experienced professionals who will update your sprinkler system with the latest advancements in lawn irrigation systems. Our experience keeps your system working at its optimum level.

French Drain Installation in Burleson, Texas

Are you having issues with standing water or drainage around your home? We can help with our French drain installation services. Our French drain systems keep water from pooling and causing damage, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement.

Sprinkler System Repair in Burleson, Texas

Whether your sprinkler heads are leaking or your pump isn’t working, we can help! Our technicians have the training to repair any irrigation system quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price.

Landscape Drainage in Burleson, Texas

Almost all property owners in Burleson have problems with drainage. Whether it is too much water or too little drainage, we can help you fix those issues. Our team will assess each situation individually and offer solutions to your needs.

Sprinkler System Add Ons in Burleson, Texas

Do you want an addition to your current sprinkler system like underground drip systems or add-ons like fountains or ponds? We offer expert advice on how to use water efficiently while improving the appearance of your yard.

Smart Irrigation Controllers in Burleson, Texas

Smart irrigation controllers allow you to control your sprinkler system remotely using your smartphone or computer. This means that you can:

  • Adjust your sprinklers based on weather reports, plant needs, and more.
  • Conserve water by adjusting the water you use based on your lawn or garden needs.
  • Protect our environment while also saving money on water bills every month!

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Based on 7 Reviews

John is retiring and the new to be owner is Steven, He came out today added a new sprinkler head, replaced an old one, went thru every zone and adjusted every head to help with this 100 + degree heat. STeven was very profssional, thorough, answered all my questions etc. I thought the pprice for 2+ hrs of work and the parts etc was reasonable. Glad John upgrading his business before he retires.. I 've been using him for about10 years and always been happy with his work. I think the new owner will continue the great service John has established. John, hope to see you fishing or 4 wheeling in Colorado soon!! thanks Ron H

Ron H -DDS July 6, 2022

Mathew's service was incredible. If you're worried about it being a smaller business, stop and call him. He came out quickly, and was able to do the needed repairs on my system quickly, efficiently, and correctly (and much much cheaper than alternatives...the cost for my repair was LESS than a service call from other folks). He's bookmarked in my phone now for any future needs (and recommendations) Seriously folks...give him a call. You won't be disappointed.

Chris Johnston January 12, 2022

Fast, effective, great job!

Roy DuBose October 19, 2020
Leah Liu December 24, 2019

john was extremely professional and did a great job! was able to work around my schedule and was completed the job quickly. would highly recommend

Hunter Gonzalez November 21, 2019

They do incredible work at a great price.

Kyle Swiney February 7, 2017

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We’re proud to be a part of the community and look forward to helping you keep your sprinkler system running smoothly for years to come.

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