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Are you worried about your lawn and garden drying up because of the sweltering heat in Southlake? Say goodbye to these challenges by installing a smart irrigation and sprinkler system to ease your yard maintenance.

At Mathews Sprinkler Systems, we offer expert sprinkler and smart irrigation systems. For over 30 years, we have been helping residents of Southlake, Texas, and its surrounding areas maintain lush and green yards with our reliable sprinkler installation Southlake.

Give your yard the care it deserves by calling us today for your free consultation with the best sprinkler system installation Southlake.

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Our Sprinkler System Services in Southlake TX

  • Sprinkler Installation System in Southlake, Texas

Do you need a new sprinkler system installed on your property in Southlake? If you are after high-quality installations that meet all local codes, you have in us a team you can count on to deliver perfection.  Our technicians adhere to the book and will factor in every detail to ensure you have a safe and efficient sprinkler system.

  • Sprinkler System Repair in Southlake, Texas

Your sprinkler system requires regular maintenance and professional repair to keep working safely and efficiently. Luckily for you, our technicians can always resolve all your sprinkler problems, from overspray issues and leaking sprinkler heads to low-pressure concerns and clogged pumps for your properties in Southlake.

  • Sprinkler System Add-ons in Southlake, Texas

Treat your sprinkler system with some TLC with our sprinkler system add-ons. We also offer free consultations for the best additions to your yard and garden.

  • Sprinkler System Revisions in Southlake, Texas

If you have had your sprinkler system for several years, it could be time to update it with the smart systems in the market. Our hands-on experience installing smart sprinkler systems makes us the best choice for revisions that will improve the functionality of your old installation.

  • Smart Irrigation Controllers in Southlake, Texas

Caring for your yard must never come at the expense of conserving water and protecting the environment. To ensure you get the best of both worlds, we provide smart irrigation controllers that you can control remotely from your mobile devices or computer.

  • French Drain Installation in Southlake, Texas

You need a proper drainage system in your yard to prevent pooling water, which can cause severe property damage. We help with this by providing affordable French drain installation services to save you from drainage problems around your home.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 Reviews
Albert Martinez June 2, 2024

These people have been in the sprinkler business for more than 30 years. All they do is sprinklers. So, I chose them because of their experience and because of the many great reviews I read on them. They certainly were everything I expected and more. Steven and Scarlett were the ultimate professionals and accomplished everything I needed done to my system. They gave me a lot of good advice. My system now operates perfectly. They also encouraged me to call them any time I have questions or concerns. I will always use Matthews for my sprinkler needs.

Rick Huber April 30, 2024
Denis Justman April 20, 2024

I am very satisfied with services. They came out on time and did the repair timely. I would definitely recommend.

Justin Love April 11, 2024

I replaced my old Rainbird sprinkler system with a modern Mathews Sprinkler System!!!! This was installed by Steven and Scarlet on March 28, 2024. It is best decision I ever made for my lawn. They have been business for over 30 years and I can vouch for the quality and grace they have conducting business. There is a Rachio app and smart controller that is a must have! It is easy to use and program from anywhere. Call them Mathews Sprinkler Systems 817-455-7660

Dalphine Omwenga April 11, 2024

Scarlet and Stephen kept me informed on arrival time. The sprinkler system had a bad valve. The problem valve was identified and replaced. Stephen also adjusted the sprinkler coverage of all the sprinklers. Both, Scarlet snd Stephen, were very professional and completed the project to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Mathew Sprinkler Systems for repairs. I will use their services in future if required


Great communication and service! Just found my new irrigation company. Thanks guys!

Ronnie Frittz April 3, 2024

Fast, friendly service. New what they were doing and did it well. Very informative on the running and set up of the new control panel. Great price was within reason. Professional.

Dennis Brink March 27, 2024

Thanks for the professional job well done. They were on time or early each time they were here. Kept me informed of what they were doing throughout the repair. System works perfectly now.

Jim Reusch March 21, 2024
Jake Breton March 12, 2024

Called them up, explained what I needed. They showed up on time, were very professional and courteous. They did the work fast and efficiently. I couldn’t be happier with my experience! I will definitely recommend them to any of my friends in the future, and will be calling them again!

Jody Bridges March 8, 2024

Real Professional. Fixed my leaking valve right away!

David Taliaferro March 7, 2024

What an amazing crew. The professionalism and kindness and quality of install is beyond what I was expecting. Absolutely the best!!

Greg Johnson March 5, 2024

They were on time and did the work as quoted. Very friendly!

James Livengood March 4, 2024

Great job and quality parts

M K February 21, 2024

This was Great. Completed the work quickly. And it was reasonable. Great customer service.

Debbie Burris February 15, 2024

Great service. Prompt. Professional

Catherine Richardson January 31, 2024

Mathews was able to respond to my home after my irrigation system broke and flooded my yard right before an arctic storm was due to hit the area. They were professional and fixed the problem quickly.

D Fen January 12, 2024

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  • Experienced and Licensed Professionals

We are proud of our team of dedicated sprinkler and irrigation experts who offer high-end solutions at unbeatable prices. Our knowledge and 30+ years of experience in this industry give us the confidence to solve all your sprinkler system needs.

  • Fast and Easy Online Booking

Book our services from the comfort of your location by using our fast, easy, and secure online booking system. Alternatively, call us at 817-455-7660 to speak with one of our experts.

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Our number one objective is always to provide you with excellent services. For this reason, we strictly maintain an inventory of premium equipment guaranteed to run for years without any issues.

Make the Right Call About Your Lawn and Garden

Taking care of your lawn and garden must never be complicated, even with the heat in Southlake, Texas. At Mathews Sprinkler Systems, we make it easier for you to keep your yard green and plants healthy through our quality installations and repair services.

As a proud member of the Southlake community, we promise to offer you nothing less than the best equipment and services. Reach out to us today, and let us take the hassle and headache out of yard maintenance.